Kenny Chensey Visits No Shoes Reefs in Florida

Part of Aquatic Conservation Efforts in Jacksonville

During a recent trip to Jacksonville, Florida, Kenny Chesney paid a visit to the first two No Shoes Reefs on the St. John River.

The man-made reefs, named the Coastal Conservation Association and George Holt Reefs, were designed to promote better quality of aquatic life and built through the support of Chesney’s ongoing partnership with Costa Del Mar sunglasses and the Coastal Conservation Association’s Building Conservation Trust.

It’s a cause dear to his heart.

“It’s so easy to take the oceans and waterways for granted,” he says. “What they were able to create here says a lot about the way man can live not just in harmony, but supporting our natural aquatic resources.”

And apparently you can easily access the reefs by boat. It’s all a part of Chesney’s ongoing desire to insure the future of the oceans and beaches for years to come. After all, we know the beach is one of Chesney’s happy places.

“As a guy who has so many of my happiest memories on the water, I couldn’t be happier to be a part of creating something like this in partnership with the City of Jacksonville, the people at the Coastal Conservation Association and the sales of my line of sunglasses with Costa Del Mar,” Chesney says.

Chesney’s Big Revival tour is still rocking its way across the country, with shows this week in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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