Brad Paisley: The Buck Stops at the Mic

Singer's Greatest Strength Is Live Show

In the industry publication Country Aircheck, there’s an interview with Brad Paisley about what it’s like to be the CEO of Brad Paisley Inc.

In a way, it’s kind of like a job interview. Paisley admits his weaknesses (relinquishing control, feeling hampered and being “horrifyingly bad at math”), but he really does a nice job turning the conversation towards his strengths.

One of which is his live shows.

“The buck stops at the microphone at center stage,” he says about his responsibility to give his fans a great show. “So that’s another thing you have to learn to compartmentalize on a Friday night.”

Then he talks about his new — and, in my opinion, genius — idea to put a bar on the stage during his shows and invite a few people up there to have drinks. He admits some people were skeptical, and that his manager told him, “This is possibly the best idea ever and more likely the worst idea ever.”

But Paisley said that after the first night of the onstage Brad bar, everyone was sold on it.

“Against the video wall, they’re just silhouettes and never more interesting than me, the band or the videos,” Paisley says.