Miranda Lambert Cancels Calgary Stampede Concert

Vocal Cord Inflammation Interferes With Tour

“I can’t believe this is happening.”

That’s really all Miranda Lambert needed to say to let her fans know that she is just as bummed about cancelling her show in Calgary, Alberta.

“I am sure most of you heard the news about the show in Calgary having to be rescheduled due to my vocal issues,” she wrote in a note on her website and on social media. “Thanks for all your posts and well wishes. I promise I will do everything to get better quickly!”

Lambert’s show at the Calgary Stampede, the rodeo that’s one of the biggest annual events in Canada, was scheduled for Thursday (July 9) at the Scotia Bank Saddledome. But according to her doctor, Lambert has a serious inflammation of her vocal cords.

“I am so sorry that I can’t be at Stampede this week, but I’ll be back in Calgary just as soon as I can for all of my Stampede fans,” Lambert wrote.

If you had tickets to see her show, hold onto your tickets for the rescheduled date, which has not been announced yet.

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