Lady Antebellum Lighting a Fire With Smokin’ New Video

Turning Up the Heat With "Long Stretch of Love"

Smoke, fire, wind machines and sexy stares. Is it hot in here, or is it just Lady Antebellum’s new music video?

Whew, crank the AC up if you plan to watch this one for their brand new single “Long Stretch of Love.”

A dark soundstage, intense lights pulsing in reds and blues, Charles Kelley running through a glass wall of some sort, fringe on singer Hillary Scott’s leather jacket … and they light a tire on fire. It’s getting real in Lady A-ville and it’s hot.

Singer-guitarist Dave Haywood says this driving, infectious song has truly set the tone for the group’s Wheels Up 2015 tour. The single is the show’s opener and definitely gets the night going.

“‘Long Stretch’ is how we’ve been opening our set each night on the road this year,” he said. “So when we went to make this music video, we really wanted to channel the anticipation and excitement we feel listening to the crowd go nuts at that first riff.”

It’s the perfect show opener for the Grammy-winning trio. All that energy and suspense let the fans know to scream and sing along. And that’s a sight and sound the group wouldn’t trade for anything.

“When the lights go up and the fans go crazy, our adrenaline is pumping,” Haywood said. “It totally sets the energy level for the whole night.”

Check out the video:

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