Recap: Party Down South 2 Season Finale

Pie Five!

Here’s the high-level overview of theParty Down South 2 season finale:

When arriving home from the Mud Bog, Bradley’s prank on Ashton backfires on Duke. Later, a little chocolate in the face suddenly turns from a pie fight to a cat fight. Finally, the cast says their goodbyes and a memorable spring break in St Pete’s comes to an end.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into the drama-filled season finale. Shall we?

We begin with a VERY awkward scene of Duke whipping a girl. I suggest watching this moment for yourself — it doesn’t get much more awkward than this in terms of flirting. And, Kelsie has the perfect reaction.

After that awkward night wraps up, the gang starts gathering their things before getting on the road and out of the Mud Bog. Of course, the moment they get home, Ashton wants to call her boyfriend immediately without putting much effort into unloading the truck with everyone.

However, this plan backfires when Ashton gets so worked up trying to find the phone like a search team combing through a field. This only add fuel to Ashton’s fire. To her dismay, she can’t find the phone. Well that’s because the guys decided to play a prank on her by hiding the thing. Ha?

Now for round two. You think things calm down, but think again. When Bradley gets a pie to the face and a chocolate war breaks out, that’s when Ashton can’t handle it anymore. This is NOT how she wanted her night to go, especially when Karynda does a spot-on impression of Ashton complaining.

Then, the a massive fight goes from the confession room to the backyard. You know things are getting crazy when the fight moves locations. But hey, cat fights are very entertaining. Hunter’s all about it.

Once Ashton has a panic attack and everyone has calmed down, things somehow go back to normal. They all decide to play games on their last night with each other. To kick things off, they play charades.

Check out Raven’s impression of Bradley trying to get in on the frommel action. So sad.

After several country games, like watermelon bowling, the gang gets to bed. Once it’s morning, they say their goodbyes and head out of town.

How’d they enjoy their spring break in St. Pete? Allow Kelsie to explain…

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In the meantime, watch a sneak peek of the reunion. Enjoy!

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