Luke Bryan Asks, “Is It What It Used to Be?”

Country Music Debate Makes Him Philosophical

You know those people who can answer a question with a question? Well, add Luke Bryan to that list.

In his recent interview with Hits Daily Double, when he was asked about the age-old debate over the changing sounds of country music, Bryan asked this:

“Is it what it used to be? Are any genres of music what they used to be?”

No one needs to defend the evolution of the music because it’s always been evolving.

“There are songs that lend themselves to being extremely country, and there are songs that twist things a little and really may not be considered country. It’s evolved to where that can happen,” he explained. “I’m happy to be a part of this generation of country.”

And he goes on to say that he knows not every country song that’s released is going to be an automatic hit with everyone.

“If everybody thinks that over a 20-year career that they’re going to like every song I put out, that’s a little weird. All of my heroes put out an occasional song that I wasn’t that crazy about,” Bryan says, “and you know what? When they put out one that I was crazy about again, I loved it.”