Jerrod Niemann Weaves a Bright “Blue Bandana”

Get Into the Festival Spirit With His New Single

New life goal? Be the girl in Jerrod Niemann’s new single, “Blue Bandana.” This gal gets around in the best possible music festival fashion.

The laid-back, groovin’ new single is an ode to that whimsical, gypsy of a beauty who would spend her last dime and every bit of her time to travel across the country and feel the music from her favorite performers.

She’s a staple at some of the best and most popular music festivals around — the “Bonnaroo baby” who’s “Coachella crazy, folkin’ out at Newport” — living in the moment like the rest of us wish we could.

And she’s of course fashionably flawless in her festival-chic blue bandana.

I’ll admit, I’ve still got the blue bandana smushed in a drawer from my Bonnaroo days … but do I still have the hipster chutzpah to pull it off?

Niemann’s new single sure makes me feel like I haven’t lost that ability. I’ve never wanted to crawl into a caravan wearing a vintage Eagles T-shirt and blow off adulthood responsibilities so much. I hope that’s what you were going for, buddy.

But the tune is also a chance to show love and respect to the fans who, like the gal in the song, will travel mile after mile, night after night, to experience those artists who move them to the core.

Niemann himself knows that feeling very well.

“This song made me smile and reflect back on concerts I either performed at or attended,” Niemann says. “The lyrics speak of the love affair between fans and music. It’s exhilarating to see people who have traveled for so many miles and have waited a day or two to get a place near the stage to hear a guy like me sing a song like this.”

Indeed, it must be one heck of a feeling.

A few more to throw in next time, J-Rod: Stagecoach out in California, and I personally wouldn’t be mad at a shout-out to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival either, although I suspect that’s why our “Blue Bandana” girl was heading down to New Orleans…

The single is now available on iTunes and officially hits country radio on July 27. Meanwhile, enjoy the lyric video:

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