Little Big Town’s Pre-Op Referral From Keith Urban

Post-Op Banana Ice Cream From Kimberly Schlapman

One half of Little Big Town — Kimberly Schlapman and Phillip Sweet — recently talked with radio station KSON in San Diego about what it’s been like for the close-knit quartet since one of their own (Jimi Westbrook) had to undergo vocal cord surgery.

“Oh, man. It’s scary to even think about it,” Sweet admitted. “We’ve all had trouble with our voices through the years, where we’ve had a few days where our voices were weak or tired or we lost our voice. It’s not fun. Because that’s your instrument. It’s what you use to express yourself.”

But he said that since Keith Urban had had the same struggles with his voice, Urban encouraged Westbrook to see his doctor.

“And (Urban) has come through it with flying colors,” Sweet said.

It sounds like Westbrook is at home, recovering from the surgery and resting his voice.

And while Schlapman did say confirm what we all know — that men turn into little babies when they are sick — she must still love to take care of everyone in the band. After all, she brought Westbrook some homemade banana ice cream when he came home.