For Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard, “#lifeisahoneymoon”

Married Life Is a "Long Way From PBR and Pizza"

I don’t know if I’m swept up in the romance of all of this or just in the fact that Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard is Instagramming his way through his first few weeks as a married man.

I mean, it’s nice to see those professional wedding shots in a magazine. But to catch little glimpses into Hubbard’s honeymoon with wife Hayley Stommel, his life and his refrigerator with his own personal captions? Much better.

He had one of what looks like heaven on earth, but I think is just a cabana with a bed surrounded by private pool waters in Turks and Caicos.

For that one, Hubbard wrote, “#lifeisahoneymoon and my wife @thevoguetrip is picture perfect #blessedbeyondbelief”

Then there’s one of the fridge stocked with fruits and veggies and English muffins and yogurt.
“Long way from pbr and pizza #steppinitup #lifeisahoneymoon #teamhubbard #bethebest,” he said.

And what honeymoon photo gallery would be complete without a shot of your new bride in a bikini?
“Yup that’s my wife @thevoguetrip #DANG #lifeisahoneymoon #canthelpbutbrag,” Hubbard wrote.

My favorite of all is the unbelievable picture of Hubbard very high in the air on his motocross bike.
“Feels so good to get a little time at home and get to ride. There’s just something about it. Thanks @kawasakiusa @flyracingusa@smithoptics_sxand all the other folks I know that love riding as much as I do. Phot cred to my WIFE (feels so good to say that now),” the newly married man wrote, tagging his bride @thevoguetrip.

The Vogue Trip is Hubbard’s wife’s blog that she says is a way to pair her passion for vogue with her life on the road. It doesn’t look like she’s had time to update the blog since the wedding, but the site promises that “the combination of her heart of gold, her timeless style and her endless travels, she has so much to share with the world.”