David Nail Fans the Flames With Smokin’ New Single

"Night’s on Fire" Will Have You Reaching for a Fire Extinguisher

David Nail has done it again by turning up the heat with his newest single, “Night’s on Fire.”

You all know I’m all about some David Nail, and all about these pyro metaphors he employs. His last album was titled I’m A Fire, and with just one listen, his fans quickly agreed. The single of the same name was equally impressive, and one of the other standout tracks from that project was a tune called “Burning Bed.” Intense flames, fury and passion were all over that album.

Now that the Missouri native is moving on to his next album, he’s making it hot once again, at least with this lead single.

With steamy windows, gasoline, burning rubber on the highway, this one feels like another winner for one of the best voices in country music.

Written by hit writers Jonathan Singleton and Derek Ruttan, “Night’s on Fire” is one of those tunes that gets a crowd going, according to Nail.

“I bet we’ve played it three or four times, and it’s a lot like ‘Whatever She’s Got,’” he said, referring to his previous hit. “Just seeing those people, they’ve never heard it before in their life, but by the third chorus, they’re singing along with it. … Hopefully, it is as successful as ‘Whatever She’s Got,’ and I’m as confident as could be that it will be. Hopefully.”

The single officially hit radio airwaves on Monday (July 20).

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