Was Sam Hunt Taking More Than Taylor Swift’s Time?

Feedback From My Eyewitnesses

I missed Taylor Swift’s Chicago shows this year. But I had eyes and ears on the ground since it feels like every single solitary friend I have within a 200-mile radius of my city was there. And then some.

And as much as these friends — and their kids of all ages — all adore Swift, I had more calls and texts about the Sam Hunt surprise on Sunday night (July 19).

This was some of the feedback I heard after Swift brought Hunt out and the two of them sat on a park bench on stage and took turns on the lyrics of his hit song “Take Your Time”:

“Are they an item? They looked like they were in love.”

“These two sounds amazing together. They definitely need to record a legit duet.”

“Is he even country? Does anyone even care?”

“They couldn’t take their eyes off each other.”

“Who is this guy?”

“I think Calvin Harris is backstage, and I’ll bet he does not like this at all.”

While my friends seemed to have sensed a little chemistry (OK, a lot of chemistry) between the two stars, I think that’s inevitable when you’re singing a duet together. So it probably means nothing. Then again, Hunt may be on the verge of looking for his Mrs. Right.

“At heart, I’m a relationship guy, but my adventurous side makes it hard. I hope I’ll find a balance. I want to get married, have kids one day,” he recently told Cosmopolitan.

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