Florida Georgia Line “All About Positive Vibes”

Brian Kelley Won’t Ruin Somebody's Day With a Snarky Tweet

Just when you think you know a guy.

I thought I had Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley kind of figured out. Then he does this interview with the Washington Post and says he and his bandmate Tyler Hubbard are “all about positive vibes over here.”

Really? So I guess he’s not the bad boy I thought he was.

He’s got a crazy-positive attitude, and even when he does have a critical thought, he keeps it to himself.

“Just as a general music fan, if you don’t like a song, change the channel. That’s like me: If I don’t like a song, I change the channel,” Kelley said. “I don’t have to get on and tweet about it and ruin somebody’s day.”

He sounds pretty confident that nobody is going to change the channel when their upcoming album is released, though.

“I just think this third album is really, really special,” he said. “Man, I get goosebumps just thinking about it”

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