Luke Bryan’s Attitude of Gratitude

Thankful for Current Success, His Future Is Grounded in Reality

When someone like Luke Bryan gets to the top of his country music game, it’s easy to think it’s just about his good looks, his great music or some kind of combination of the two.

But it’s not. Not 100 percent, anyway.

I think it is all about Bryan’s attitude.

“So many people get record deals in Nashville, and they don’t ever get an album. So I just hang on to the positive and wake up every day grinding,” Bryan recently told Billboard.

Hearing that, I think we can all agree that he appreciates what he’s got and doesn’t ever take it all for granted.

He even told Billboard that because his nieces listen to a mix of music — from Eric Church to Justin Timberlake — he knows their preferences represent the way the younger generation sees things: They like what they like.

“And you hope you’re in their playlist,” Bryan said.

And as humble as he is about his past and his A-list present, Bryan also has a realistic eye on the future.

“At some point, me singing about frat party themes is just not going to be realistic,” he admitted. “But if I look like a weird old dude up onstage, I’ll be the first one to come to that realization.”