Alan Jackson’s Blue Plate Obsession

And Other Random Fun Facts

Whenever a big star does this feature in Us Weekly, you know it’s going to be pretty revealing. But when a guy like Alan Jackson — who has been at this country music gig for decades — does it, even better.

Because even though we’ve all been reading about Jackson for years, it seems like he was holding back, but now he’s sharing some secrets.

Among his 25 favorites things:

  • He always has Blue Plate mayonnaise (a Southern tradition since 1927) with him when he’s on tour.
  • His first performance was when he was in second grade. And, man, do I wish we could see a video of that.
  • Fast forward about 10 years, when Jackson went on to play the lead role — Barnaby Goodchild — in his high school’s production of Sing Out, Sweet Land.
  • After that, he drove a forklift at a Kmart warehouse in Georgia.
  • He loves turnip greens and can make good cornbread from scratch.
  • And the reason he started wearing a cowboy hat? To cover up a scar on his forehead.