Are the Dixie Chicks Considering a U.S. Tour?

Reading Between the Lines of Natalie Maines' Tweets

The Dixie Chicks recently announced a string of European tour dates. In 2016. But part of me is like, “Who cares?”

Not because of any political controversy from several years ago but because 2016 is just so far away.

Or so I thought. Until Wednesday (July 29), when the band’s lead singer Natalie Maines kind of hinted out loud that an American tour might not be such a bad idea.

First a fan tweeted to Maines, asking, “will @dixiechicks ever tour in the United States again? Are you ready to play nice yet? We misssssssssssss you!!!”

Maines responded right away.

“I’ll never make nice,” she wrote, “but I will tour the states again ;)”

That’s the best news I’ve heard all summer. Because no matter where you stand on the Chicks, you have to admit it’s been way too long since they made their way across the United States for their Accidents & Accusations tour in 2006.