Craig Campbell’s Wife Encouraged Sexy New Video

He Credits Spouse for Coaching Production of "Tomorrow Tonight"

This is one way to get over the awkward sexy scenes with a stranger: Invite your wife.

Craig Campbell’s brand new video for “Tomorrow Tonight,” which premiered Thursday (July 30) on CMT, is sexy as hell. It features him flirting and ultimately carrying on bare-chested in bed with a woman who is not his wife.

But it’s totally fine. His wife was there the whole time they were shooting the video. In fact, she encouraged the chemistry between the actress and her husband.

“In my last video, I had to kiss a girl,” Campbell told CMT Hot 20 Countdown. “And my wife was on the set for that one, too. My wife’s here for this one, too. She’s actually a really good coach. She’s one of those that wants me to make it believable, you know, so she’s back there telling me, ’Act like you love her.’”

Campbell wrote the song — about how he’s gonna change her tomorrow tonight — with Justin Wilson and Vicky McGehee.

“The song is about a guy who very presumptuously thinks he can change a girl’s future in one night. And I guess that’s every guy,” he admitted. “Yeah, it’s about me.”