Carrie Underwood: Baby on Board

Her Two Main Men Are Enjoying Life on the Road

Look out. Carrie Underwood is bringing boys on the bus.

Of course, it’s her two main men — hubby Mike Fisher and their adorable son Isaiah.

Via her Instagram page, the singer recently shared the most “aww”-inducing shot of her boys enjoying life on the road. She added the caption, “My boys, checking out the world through the bus window.”
What a life. Those two certainly are very lucky to have a mama and a wife like Underwood.

And she feels very lucky, too. She recently told E! News that her 5-month-old son is “super cuddly” and that she “can tell he’s going to be a sweet, sweet guy.”

A mother’s dream come true, right? She’s also admitted that her son is all smiles and laughs, and all she “wants to do is make him smile and laugh.”

I’d say showing him the world in the safe comfort of his daddy’s arms on a tour bus is a fine start.

Underwood has a few more concert dates remaining this summer, including an Aug. 17 appearance at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. No word on whether or not Fisher and Isaiah will be along for the ride.

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