Gainesville: What If the Cast Went Cali on Us?

The premiere of CMT’s new docu-series Gainesville is getting SO close. While trolling the show’s Facebook page on the reg, we couldn’t help but notice how many fans have pointed out the similarities between the cast of Gainesville and the characters on two of our other favorite TV series, Laguna Beach/The Hills!

So what if our new favorite cast went Cali on us? Who would they be on our old favorite shows? We’ve taken a few guesses, what do you guys think?

  1. Beth and Lauren Conrad


    Beth has Lauren Conrad written ALL over her. She’s strong and determined, works her ass off, and also knows how to pull off a good cry.

  2. Kenny and Brody Jenner


    Every LC has a Brody Jenner in their life, and Beth’s is definitely Kenny. Like Brody, Kenny is super sweet and caring, and not too shabby to look at either.

  3. Andreya and Kristin Cavallari


    Andreya is definitely one of a kind, but her “take no sh*t” attitude is reminiscent of our favorite former laguna beyotch, Kristin Cavillari.

  4. Brian and Jason Whaler


    Brian is the human equivalent of Laguna bad boy Jason Whaler swallowing my golden retriever. He’s tough and tatted on the outside, but on the inside he’s just lookin’ for love and someone to cuddle with.

  5. Kerryn and Lo Bosworth


    We think Kerryn is a lot like Lo. She always tells it like it is, and she’s a fierce and loyal friend. Her BFF moments with Beth also give us some serious LC/Lo flashbacks- talk about #FriendshipGoals!

  6. Austin and Trey? Talan? Dieter? Polster?


    We haven’t quite put our finger on who Austin reminds us of… and the people on that show had the weirdest names. Austin is everybody’s best friend, and always down for a good time when he’s not working.

  7. Shelby and Audrina Patridge


    She might be the baby of the group, but she’s got the looks and the ‘tude to make up for her age. Shelby is TOTALLY Audrina- she’s girly and fun, but has no problem just being one of the guys.

  8. Sebastian and Justin Bobby


    We may not know much about Austin’s kid brother yet, but looks-wise he reminds us of a certain infamous Hills philosopher…

Now we know what you’re thinking… We’ve left out two of the most notable Hills personalities! How could we possible forget Speidi?

The Gainesville crew might be reminiscent of our favorite former California kings and queens, but we’re pretty sure there’s no one in Gainesville quite as crazy as Heidi and Spencer…

Check out Gainesville before it premieres!

What do you guys think? Sound off below and catch the series premiere of Gainesville on Thursday, August 20 at 10p.m. PT/ET. And for exclusive news and video, photo galleries and more, head over to, the CMT app, the official Gainesville Facebook page and Twitter using #Gainesville.

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