In Luke Bryan’s House, Boys Will Be Boys

From Headlocks to Stitches, There's Never a Dull Moment

When Luke Bryan was on Good Morning America this week, he admitted that when he gets home from touring, there isn’t always a lot of peace and quiet.

What there is, is a lot of boys-will-be-boys kind of moments. Here’s how I know that:

First he said that his 13-year-old nephew Til—-who Bryan and his wife Caroline took in after Til’s father died recently–likes to wrestle with him.

“It’s amazing to have a 13-year-old around,” Bryan said. “He got me in a headlock two nights ago, and I’m admitting that now, you had me. I couldn’t get out.”

But that’s not all. Then Bryan revealed that him son Tate had just had to get some stitches.

“Tate got stitches last night. He was so cute in the ER, and he’s got his head wrapped up,” Bryan said, “and I’m like, ‘Oh buddy.’”

He also tweeted a picture, calling his son the “cutest thing ever.”

The boys were not with Bryan in New York City because they started school this week.

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