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Blake Shelton Is John Smith in Unaired Saturday Night Live Skit

Cast as Disney Character, "Little Kids Are Avoiding Eye Contact"

It was just about 20 years ago that Disney released the animated film Pocahontas.

And now, Saturday Night Live has released a Blake Shelton skit about Pocahontas that never aired because of time constraints when he hosted the show in January.

There’s nothing funny about either the movie or the skit. In a way, though, that’s why you kind of have to watch.

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Even though the 1995 movie was considered a huge success, the premise of the SNL skit is that none of the Disney World visitors want to meet the real live John Smith character. (He was the pale visitor, a British settler who wins Pocahontas’ love and steals her away from Kocoum. Ultimately, though, the movie ends with the two going back to their respective homes.)

So the idea of the SNL skit could’ve been hysterical, and Shelton could’ve nailed it, but for some reason, it just falls flat.

There’s no line, no waiting. And as Shelton says, “This is embarrassing. Little kids are avoiding eye contact with me.”

When one mom confuses him with Blond Aladdin, he decides to go get drunk and ride Splash Mountain.

That part actually is pretty funny.

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