Party Down South and Gainesville Double Take!

Who Are Our Favorite Cast Members' Doppelgangers?

We may be only one day away from the new season of Party Down South and the series premiere of Gainesville, but we feel like we’ve been seeing the cast everywhere! Is it just us, or do our favorite cast members have some seriously similar looking doppelgangers?

1. Gainesville’s Shelby and Britney Spears


2. Party Down South’s Mattie and Katy Perry


3. Gainesville’s Austin and The Property Brothers


4. Party Down South’s Daddy and Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray


5. Gainesville’s Kenny and Warner from Legally Blonde (Matthew Davis)

Kenny nod

6. Party Down South’s Hott Dogg and Kendall Jenner


7. Gainesville’s Beth and Elizabeth Banks


8. Party Down South’s Tiffany and Tara Reid

9. Gainesville’s Brian and Paul Walker (RIP! :()


10. And last but not least… Party Down South’s Murray and Kim Kardashian

Who do you think the casts look like? Sound off below, and catch the season 4 premiere of Party Down South and the series premiere of Gainesville on Thursday, August 20 starting at 9 p.m. ET/PT. And for exclusive news and video, photo galleries and more, head over to, the CMT app, the official Gainesville Facebook page and Party Down South Facebook page and Twitter using #PartyDownSouth and #Gainesville.

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