Kip Moore World Premiere: “Comeback Kid”

New Album, Wild Ones, Arrives Friday

Kip Moore’s sophomore album Wild Ones will finally be released this Friday (Aug. 21), and is hosting the world online video premiere of one of the tracks, “Comeback Kid.”

It might seem like it’s been a long wait between albums — his debut Up All Night was released more than three years ago — but Moore has been more than patient.

Because for him, he just kept doing what he does.

The last time Moore was in Chicago, he filled me in on what to expect from the upcoming set of tunes.

“I never stopped writing,” he told me. “So the body of work I was creating had a whole new feel, and I was drawn to that.

“Maybe my head space changed a little,” he admitted about the way this album might sound a little more modern. He also revealed that most of the songs were written, well, everywhere.

“I can write songs anywhere. Most of this album, I’d start the grooves and riffs in soundcheck or backstage. Then I’d go in my bunk at night and replay it in my earbuds,” Moore explained. “I’d write three or four different lyrics on top of the melody until I landed on what I thought the song was.”

The result?

“This time, I let the songs come to me more,” he said. “This album is a lot more me than my first one.”

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