Recap: Gainesville: My Eyes Are Open and Don’t Talk About It, Be About It

The Co-Creators Give Us Some Inside Scoop

The new docu-series Gainesville kicked off last night, and a lot went down! We met the cast, figured out how they’re connected, and of course why they love Gainesville.

We also got the chance to talk to co-creators Nick Burnett and Yoav Attias about our new favorite crew of friends and everything that happened in the first two episodes!

This group knows how to have a great time together, from playing a little touch football, to slip ‘n slides in the backyard and, of course, tailgates!

But life isn’t always fun in the sun. Beth is trying to be the first person in her family to graduate from college, but she’s having trouble coming up with her tuition money. In Gainesville, it pays to have good friends, and the whole gang got together to throw Beth a car wash (Bring It On flashbacks, anyone?) to help her raise money! When that doesn’t quite do the trick, Kenny rides in on his white horse and saves the day.

We also saw Kerryn go through a bummer of a breakup with her boyfriend, but with Andreya by her side and Austin giving her a new place to live, we know she’ll be alright. Brian’s also getting a lot of grief from his parents, sister Shelby, and his ex Andreya to grow up, which we can definitely all relate to.

So much happened in the first two episodes, but we were dying to know more! Lucky for us (and you!) we got co-creators Nick Burnett and Yoav Attias to give us some inside scoop.

So where did you guys get the idea for Gainesville?

Nick: Well Yoav and I are childhood friends from South Florida, and we both attended the University of Florida in Gainesville for undergrad, and both went to law school there. We had worked on some projects created by other people, and wanted to create our first project that we really originated from scratch. Gainesville was a place that was really near and dear to our hearts, after spending seven formative years there.

What was the casting process like?

Nick: Quite frankly, it was a lot of talking to people we knew, who would tell us about people they knew. We found Andreya, who we thought was interesting, and she said she had a great group of friends. She offered to have her friends meet her at the bar she bar-tends at right outside of Gainesville so we could meet them. She popped open the Skype call, and Yoav and I were sitting in our apartment, and they were awesome. I think I pinched Yoav under the table and was like “This is it. These are the ones.”

Yoav: One thing they all had in common was this nexus point of :08 Seconds, which is a country bar down in Gainesville. Andreya would go there regularly, and Beth and Kerryn were both bartenders there, and the other guys were frequents of the bar.

How were the first few days of filming? Were people awkward or nervous?

Nick: It depended on the person. Like Brian, the camera never phased him. For other people it took awhile, but after a couple of weeks they got so used to it, they would forget the cameras were there.

Yoav: And because this wasn’t a show where we did a huge nationwide casting, and we had found an organic group of friends, it wasn’t like these kids were dying to be reality TV stars.

Brian and Shelby seem to get along really well on the show, are they always like that?

Nick: They fight like any siblings do, but they’re very loyal. I would say the whole Bunting family are very “salt of the earth” people.

Yoav: Their parents are really great people, they’ve done a great job with their kids. Their dad is a little bit of a disciplinarian type, and their mom is the biggest sweetheart. The combination of the two has raised very kind-hearted people, and they’re absolutely that way with each other. They’ll do anything for each other.

Kerryn goes through a pretty rough break up in the first two episodes, how was that?

Yoav: Initially, Kerryn’s way of reacting to things like that is to kind of shut down a little bit, which is hard to necessarily capture on camera. She was certainly upset about it and grieving in her own way.

How was Kenny’s show?

Nick: That was a lot of fun! He’s come a long way. He and the guys he plays with (JB Crockett and Steven Flowers) actually opened up for Easton Corbin in Jacksonville a couple of months ago!

What was it like taking a camera crew to that crazy tailgate?

Nick: It was pretty wild. There were a lot of people, it was rowdy, loud, and chaotic. It was a production challenge, as you can imagine. Especially when you have seven cast members who all want to do their own thing, and you’re trying to follow them all and document all of it.

Yoav: We weren’t necessarily prepared for that, we were actually walking somewhere else, and all of the sudden the kids wanted to stop at that tailgate, so we made it happen.

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