Kip Moore Releases Music Videos to Celebrate New Album

Wild Ones Arrives Aug. 21

Kip Moore is celebrating his sophomore album, Wild Ones, with a series of new music videos leading up to the album’s big release on Aug. 21.

“The title track of the record, I felt like it was essential for that to be the title track,” Moore tells CMT Hot 20 Countdown. “The song kind of embodied what we are as a band. As a writer and as an artist, I feel like I’ve been chugging against the grain for quite a while now. It’s been a hard fight to make the kind of music I wanted to make, to kind of do things the way I feel like they need to be done.

“I’ve always had a strong vision for my career, he says. “And if you’ve been to one of our shows, it’s a wild show. It’s a wild time. It’s a circus, and ‘Wild Ones’ kind of captures the circus aspect for me.”

Wild Ones is the follow-up to Moore’s debut album, Up All Night, which featured the No. 1 hits “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,” “Beer Money” and “Hey Pretty Girl.”

“I definitely felt more pressure making this record,” he says. “There was a body of work to compare it to this time around. So, yeah, there’s definitely that pressure of matching that first record, and people are expecting a certain thing. I have a lot of pressure, myself.”

The album’s lead single, “I’m to Blame,” was released earlier this year and continues to climb the Billboard charts.

Moore not only co-wrote the song but all 13 tracks on the album, which he says has a much different sound than his previous project.

“I’m never gonna be one of those artists that’s gonna make the same body of work twice,” he says. “I’m not gonna put the same guitar sounds, I’m not gonna have the same content matter. I wanted to expand, and my life is so different than when I made the first record.

“So my thing was staying in tune with that and grasping where I was in my life now and not trying to draw on the old stuff. This record is a much more in-the-present record. It’s a completely different sound than the first one. I was just trying to expand on my artistry, on my writing craft, on all those things and then take the show to a whole new level.”

Moore will be performing songs from the new album on his Wild Ones tour that kicks off in October.

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