Miranda Lambert: Platinum Looks Good on Her

Newer, Blonder Look From Nashville Stylist

Less than 24 hours ago, Miranda Lambert posted a picture on Instagram. And already, that picture has almost 100,000 likes.

That must mean blondes have more fun, right?

“’What doesn’t kill you only makes you blonder'” Thanks @leewright_hairstylist and @stylehousesalon for the new do! #platinum #blondeshavemorefun,” Lambert wrote, quoting her song “Platinum.”

And in light of everything she has had going on in her personal life, I’m happy for her that she found one little thing to brighten her days. And just like that song says, “Somethin’ ’bout platinum irrefutably looks as good on records as it does on me.”

Stylist Lee Wright, the owner of Nashville’s Style House Salon, told People how the two of them arrived at the new look.

“She had been going with a darker blond the last six months or so, closer to her natural color,” Wright said. “She sat down in the chair yesterday and we both said, ‘Let’s go really blond again.’ She loved it — I spun her around, like, ‘You’re back!’”

Wright had to be careful with the heavy highlights, though, because he said Lambert has fine hair. Even with her blunt bob, which is here to stay.

“We’re just trying to stay around this swingy, layered blunt bob because it’s real versatile. She can smooth it down and make it really sleek or she can put texture sprays in it and just make it look more rock ‘n’ roll,” Wright added.

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