Carrie Underwood’s Facebook Q&A

She Tells All During Chat with Fans

Of the roughly 9,000 questions people asked Carrie Underwood during her Facebook chat on Thursday (Aug. 20), some were pretty basic and didn’t require a long answer:

Her go-to music when traveling? (Anything hair band-ish)

Favorite color? (Blue)

Favorite ice cream? (Mango sorbet)

Her idol? (Her mom)

Favorite pastimes? (Cooking and working out)

And when one fan asked Underwood, “If you reply does that mean we’re best friends?” she simply replied, “Pretty much.”

But then there were the deeper questions after she announced the upcoming release of a new album (Storyteller and single (“Smoke Break”). The ones about her music — the new stuff and the classics — that made her have to stop and think and type and add emojis.

These were a few of my favorites:

Q. I just want to know, do you still get that “OMG” feeling whenever you perform a song and the audience sings along with you, word for word?

A. I have a “pinch me” moment pretty much every day! I am so lucky to get to do what I do! And I certainly do love it when people sing along with me when I’m onstage!

Q. Is Storyteller similar to any of your previous albums, or is it completely different?

A. I think it definitely has its own sound and feel, but I hope I kept all of the things that people have enjoyed about my music to date. I just wanted to keep growing as a songwriter and as an artist. It’s very exciting! And, obviously, I stick to a lot of what I love about country music … which is storytelling!

Q. Will there be any duets on the new album?

A. No duets, but I have a few very talented people who helped out with their beautiful voices in a background kind of way!

Q. How did you come with “Smoke Break”? And Storyteller is a great title.

A. We were writing and kept taking breaks to go outside because we were getting a little stuck on a song we were already working on. It was so beautiful outside, that we had a hard time focusing so we decided to write a song about taking breaks! “Smoke Break” seemed like a great title, so we ran with it!

Q. Do you get nervous when you have to perform?

A. I do … STILL!!! I’ve been waiting for the day that my knees don’t shake, but I guess if I’m nervous, it means I care, right?!

Q. What is the main inspiration for this album? The driving force behind it?

A. I feel like a lot of the songs that I wrote and gravitated to ended up being more traditional and “twangy” than anything I have ever done before. I just went with it! I love the storytelling aspect of country music. … It’s one of the reasons I always wanted to be a part of it.

Q. Are you sorry to see American Idol end?

A. It’s pretty bittersweet, but 15 years on television is HUGE! And it changed so many people’s lives … including mine. I’ll be excited to see that finale! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

Q. Any Isaiah-related songs on the album?

A. Just one. … I tried to avoid the “mommy” songs, but one managed to find its way in there! I’m glad it did, because he’ll always have that!

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.