Sam Hunt “Deliberately Dressed Differently”

Singer Offers Perspective on His Unique Style

I’ve never been a huge fan of Sam Hunt’s fashion sense. I’m 100 percent in love with his songwriting, his voice, his music and all that. I just didn’t like the flat-billed ball caps and the skinny jeans and tunic tops.

But now that I know why he started dressing so uniquely, I can appreciate his style spirit.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Hunt admitted that when he was growing up in Georgia, he would wear boots and jeans. (I’m picturing Wranglers and Tony Lamas, but I could be wrong.)

But then, Hunt recalls, people in the Nashville music community told him that — boots and jeans — was how he had to dress.

“I was like, ‘Wait a minute. Why?’ So I deliberately dressed differently, which has broken down stereotypes,” Hunt said. “People who might not have listened to me if they’d seen me sitting on a hay bale in a barn on the front of a record — they give the music a chance.”

Hunt added, “The most flattering thing I hear is, ‘I didn’t think I liked country music before I heard your record.’”