Carrie Underwood: Only One Mommy Song

She Talks About the Isaiah Influence

When Isaiah Fisher came into this world, a mother was born.

But just because Carrie Underwood is a mother now, that’s not all she is. So she’s not going to a release an album packed with songs about her new baby and her new role.

There will be one, though.

During her Facebook Q&A last week, one fan asked Underwood if the new album would have “any Isaiah-related songs on the album.”

“Just one. … I tried to avoid the ’mommy’ songs, but one managed to find its way in there! I’m glad it did, because he’ll always have that,” she replied.

She also admitted that it is taking everyone in the Underwood-Fisher house a little while to adjust to having Isaiah around.

When someone asked her how her dogs Ace and Penny have adjusted, she said, “They’re doing pretty good with the little man. Ace kind of ignores him while Penny has started to warm up to him a bit. It’s fun to watch Isaiah watch the pups! He’s VERY interested in them!”

As for the possibility of baby No. 2, Underwood didn’t reveal much, other than that she’d love for Isaiah to be a big brother someday. One fan asked her if she’d had a baby girl what she would’ve named her.

“We have a few names in our back pockets, but I don’t want to give them away yet,” Underwood said, “I’m hoping I get to use one or more of them someday in the future.”