Jon Pardi, Brothers Osborne Plot All Time High Tour

Friends Hit the Road Together in October

Shenanigans will definitely be at an all-time high when country wild-man Jon Pardi and rebel duo Brothers Osborne hit the road together this fall.

Pardi’s All Time High tour kicks off in Oct. 8 San Diego and is scheduled to run through the end of January.

And though you might be wondering what the “What I Can’t Put Down” singer and the “Stay a Little Longer” siblings have in common, it’s more than you might think.

“I think our music’s pretty different, but we equally love playing,” TJ Osborne admits. “Jon’s a fun guy. He’s crazy as hell.”

Crazy in a good way, of course.

And Pardi is a big fan of the Osbornes, as well, admitting that getting to play music with the duo is one of the things that excites him the most about the tour.

Pardi says he looks forward to the jam sessions the gang will no doubt have, including one at the end of each show.

A crazy, rockin’ and rollin’ musical blowout to celebrate the end of the night? Sign us up.

“Out of all the tours I’ve been fortunate to be a part of, this one is especially exciting because we’ve been building towards this moment for a while,” Pardi says “I have been buddies with TJ and John Osborne since moving to Nashville, and we have talked about touring together for years. It’s finally here and going to be a blast.”

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