Gainesville: Meet the Buntings

Brian and Shelby Bunting Talk Family, Fun, and Forgettin' The Haters

On the outside, Brian and Shelby Bunting could not seem more different. Brian is tough and tatted and always says exactly what he’s thinking, while Shelby is cute and reserved, avoiding drama whenever possible. Despite their differences, the siblings get along like best friends would, hanging with the same crew, calling each other on their crap, and most importantly, having each other’s backs no matter what.

We chatted with the hilarious pair of siblings to see what life has been like for them since Gainesville started airing.

So what have you two been up to since the show stopped taping?

Brian: We’ve been working! We’ve been working like dogs in this hot damn sun! But I tell you what we’ve had some fun in between, had a little down time, a little weekend action ain’t never hurt nobody.

Shelby: Well I’ve just been working, and we’ve been going out, and I’ve been getting my horse back in shape.

What did y’all do for the premiere of the show?

Brian: Andreya’s mom set up a little premiere party at a bar here in Gainesville, which had an amazing outcome. We had probably 60-70 people show up, including our families and close friends. Every time a commercial came on everybody clapped and everyone was laughing and joking. We got a party bus afterward and went down to a couple of bars in Gainesville and got a little silly…

What did you think of the first few episodes?

Shelby: I thought they were awesome!

Brian: Yeah I think it was great, man! You had some comedy, some love, some action. It was solid. I was diggin’ it.

What did your friends think?

Shelby: All my friends were like, “Where are you Shelby? Are you even on this show?” But I just tell them “Yep, yep, I just come on later.”

Brian: All of my buddies were all super supportive. They were all “Holy s*** buddy you made it on the big screen! Congrats!” Some friends now wanna be even closer, if you know what I mean. I actually had a girl just message me saying she “just found out” that we’re “cousins!” Imagine that!

So naturally haters gonna hate, especially on the internet. What would you say to the haters of Gainesville if you saw them face to face?

Shelby: Everybody has their past, and people don’t know the whole story. I just wish people would treat people how they want to be treated. They wouldn’t want their past all over the internet.

Brian: I think it’s unfortunate that people want to spend their time making this hating game an all day, every day affair, but I would also tell them “God bless.” And whatever kind of satisfaction this brings them to try to hate and bring us down, well I hope it’s doing something good for them.

Y’alls parents are featured pretty heavily on the show, what was that like?

Brian: That was great! This is a family affair here.

Shelby: They love it!

Was there anything that was caught on camera during filming that you’re nervous to see played out on TV?

Brian: Personally, I am accepting all scenes with open arms. We do not hold anything back. I think it’s known that I am a little wild and crazy, but it’s all in the best of ways. I think it’s the embarrassing, crazy, silly moments that the viewers will really like. It will help people to relate to us.

You guys seem to get along really well, have you always been this close?

Brian: Yeah absolutely.

Shelby: Yeah, sometimes I gotta set him straight and we get in our little fights, but he always comes back and realizes that I’m right.

Shelby, how do you keep Brian in line?

Shelby: I try to talk some sense in to him, because sometimes he lets his anger get the best of him. I try to talk him through it, but sometimes he doesn’t realize I’m right until he’s already done it. He mainly learns after I tell him.

Brian: I’m a good listener! If you look up Pisces they will tell you flat and clear. I am a good talker, a good listener, and I learn quickly.

Brian, would you say that you’re overprotective of Shelby?

Brian: Well, yes. It all boils down to certain situations. Shelby has a boyfriend, and he’s a good boyfriend. I like him a lot, he’s like family. So there’s a lot of things I don’t have to worry about, but I won’t tolerate nobody talking down to her or messing with her. If someone tries belittling her, then I gotta Hulk out on them.

Shelby: He always has my back, but he let’s me do my thing.

If you could describe each other in one word, what would it be?

Brian: Shelby is excellent.

Shelby: I would describe Brian as outgoing.

And what are your plans for this Thursday’s new episode?

Brian: I’ll probably go to the Wing House. It’s known in Gainesville for having a lot of pretty girls work there. I love it, I’ll just have a good ole time with it.

Shelby: Well I have to work, but when I get off I’m meeting up with some friends to grill out and watch it.

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