Party Down South: The “Real” Reason Why Tiffany Hates Hott Dogg

It's Probably Because She Wears Wedges

Tiffany and Hott Dogg may have agreed to disagree in the last episode, but that doesn’t explain why Tiffany had it out for Hott Dogg in the first place.

Of course, it’s not OK to cheat. But, think about it. Hott Dogg didn’t hook up with Tiffany’s boyfriend nor was Cody’s alleged girlfriend good friends with Tiffany. So why does Tiffany have the right to get so angry?

Let’s look at the cold hard facts, and do a little investigative journalism.

We know Cody is good friends with Daddy. And, we actually met him in season 2.


In that same episode, Tiffany got excited when she saw Daddy’s friends took it off and went hot tubbing. Can you blame her?


But then, one thing led to another that day, and Tiffany ended up in bed with one of Daddy’s friends (not Cody).
Tiffany_In_ Bed

And did you know Tiffany had a boyfriend at the time?

Yep. It’s true, dudes.

Tiffany felt really bad for snuggling up with another man. So, maybe all this guilt stayed dormant up until they got to Florida? Might be a stretch… but it’s fun to think about!


So, what does all this evidence prove? Only Tiffany and Hott Dogg have the answers, but we can take a guess. There are only two likely hypotheses. Which one do you think could be the root of the drama?

1. Tiffany was projecting old feelings of guilt onto Hott Dogg.

2. Tiffany was looking for an excuse to smack Hott Dogg because Lauren STILL hates that she wears wedges in the afternoon.

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