Luke Bryan Remembers Where He Came From

Former Neighbor Bernice Williams, 88, Gets a Hug at VIP Show

He talks about the weather. He talks about air conditioning. He strums his guitar. Then, Luke Bryan stops his pre-song intro when he sees an older woman in the VIP crowd and asks how old she is.

She says she’s 88. And as if that wasn’t heartwarming enough — to see how his music touches people of all ages — Bryan then realizes that he knew the woman from growing up in Georgia.

“Bernice Williams,” Bryan asks, then immediately drops his guitar on the floor and jumps off the little stage to give Williams a hug. “Good to see you. Are you good?”

He takes that stage again to explain how he knew Williams.

“People say they’re your neighbor. But, like, she is like my neighbor,” he explains to the small crowd. “Her house, my house. No house in between us. Like that.”

And just how close were their families?

“Like, my dogs ate her cats’ food,” Bryan says.

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