Dustin Lynch Takes His Music to New Heights

Empire State Building Provided Perfect Opportunity

Dustin Lynch took New York City fans 86 stories high Wednesday (Sept. 2) after his performance on NBC’s Today.

The Tennessee native gave a special acoustic performance of his latest single “Hell of a Night” from high atop the observation deck of the Empire State Building. And though it was a thrilling and rewarding moment for him, it was also a bit “nerve-wracking.”

Empire State Building

“I’m deathly afraid of heights,” Lynch told People. The singer admitted he was “good to go” when climbing trees for hunting purposes, but the Empire State Building? Well, that’s a whole other story — 86 stories to be exact.

“I always think of what it would it would feel like falling off,” he told the magazine.

A highly unlikely scenario, true, but still a thought that crosses the minds of many people visiting the landmark building.

And as for any liquid courage prior to the performance to calm those nerves? Heck no!

“Not when I’m up that high,” Lynch said. “I need all my senses about me.”

Lynch also gave fans an acoustic performance of his hit “Where It’s At.”

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