Steven Tyler on “Small Town Attitude”

How Nashville Is Like His New Hampshire Hometown

Steven Tyler isn’t just making his first country album. He is making Nashville his home.

And when you’re a rock star and you do that, you end up on the cover of Nashville Lifestyles magazine.

But even though the September issue is the Best Dressed issue, Tyler opens up about more than just his style. He talks about the making of the album, who he wrote with — which includes Music City’s dream team, like Brett James, Chris DeStefano, Rhett Akins and more, and where he likes to run into his ex-wife (and see live music).

It’s not just Tyler who is settling in nicely down in Tennessee. It sounds like his dogs feel at home, too, because he said his ideal day off is to take them out to Percy Warner Park, Fontanel or Radnor Lake.

“Even though Nashville’s a big town, it’s still got a small town attitude. Everybody’s real nice and kind of says ‘hello’ to each other,” Tyler said. “I grew up in a town of 1,200 people in New Hampshire, and back in my formative years in the early ‘60s, you knew everybody in town. And Nashville’s kind of like that — especially the music community.”

Tyler added that it was his small-town childhood that inspired the video for his first country single, “Love Is Your Name.”

“I lived in New Hampshire as a kid and I lived in Yonkers as a little boy, and I had a pet raccoon and I lived down at the lake. I told (director Trey Fanjoy) all that stuff,” he said of the video, which features Fanjoy’s own son as young Tyler.

“The thing about it, take me out of it, take my song out of it, take all my ego out of it, if you just watch the video, two things will happen: One, you’ll hear a really great song — because it just is. And number two, you’re going to see a lot of love, and you’re going to see a lot of believability, and you’re going to see a lot of beautiful shots.”

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