Party Down South Creator SallyAnn Takes You On Miss Martha’s Wild Ride

Could the Roomies Be Growing Up?

In the most recent episode of Party Down South, the gang barely survives a wild taxi ride with an angry Mattie, and Lauren gets fed up with her shady boyfriend. Meanwhile, Walt and Murray plan a prank that leaves Mattie with chest-hair in her mouth. Bleh!

In the midst of all the craziness, this episode begs a few questions. So, we thought we’d give creator SallyAnn Salsano a ring for the answers. Enjoy the inside scoop on what really went on, and how the family is growing up together, sort of 😉

First off, how long was Daddy passed out in the driveway after falling out of the cab?

A solid 30 to 40 minutes. Obviously we kept our eyes on him, but as many of our fans know, sometimes it’s best to just sleep it off and Daddy was wildly content taking a cat nap in the drive way. Who are we to get in the way?

How much did Daddy love staring at the girls on the trampolines? He seemed mesmerized.

As much as daddy loves starring at women at bars, clubs, beaches, cars, stores, stop lights! If daddy has a kryptonite, it’s his funnel and marlins

When “Chef Boyardaddy” cooks fajitas for the family, how long did it take from start to finish? Is this the first meal he’s made for the family? Looked like he was having some trouble.

It’s the first meal we remember him making for the group and it was a process to say the least. The roomies left him to do it by himself but once they saw what he was doing, they couldn’t help but jump in so they could make sure it was edible. It was a solid two-hour process. Chef Boyardaddy has a ways to go before he’s a four-star chef…although, that could be a hell of a cooking show!

There seems to be a turning point for the family after Mattie goes Martha, specifically, an interest in doing more sober activities. Are there other ways you see them possibly growing up?

Several actually. Wild Lyle is a “Mild Lyle” now, but that’s still a bit wilder than most but he’s growing up fast.

All the roommates know what Mattie’s triggers are, and while Mattie does her best to fight them, the roommates try to help as much as possible as well. Martha isn’t fun for anyone including Mattie, so everyone in the house does what they can to help her get past it.

As for Walt, he has a real man’s job outside of the show, so there’s that. And with everything going on with Tiffany’s dad’s health, she has a lot on her plate back home that is making her a stronger person.

Just like with everyone, stuff happens in the roommates lives between each season and they are all growing. It’s really awesome for us behind the scenes to see how much they’ve grown in the past two years.

I like how Lauren is getting major confidence this season, and it looks like Lyle does too. How do you see her character changing?

Amen and agreed! She’s finally found her own voice and it’s actually great to watch her grow throughout the season. In the past, even if her relationship wasn’t going well and she was angry, she didn’t really show that anger, but now she’s had enough. She’s not taking any ones sh*t anymore.

I love it for her, personally, and I love that fans will get to see a lot more of that from her this season. And, this isn’t the last time she stands up for herself. Hopefully, it encourages other ladies to show more backbone in their own relationships. I love Lauren this season!!!

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