Gainesville: The 8 Best Moments from You Get One More Chance

The Gainesville Gals Had a Rough Week with the Guys

This week’s Gainesville had some serious ups and downs. Here are our 8 favorite moments from this week’s episode.

  1. Brian’s Dad Droppin’ Truth Bombs

    Brian’s dad is a serious hard-ass, and he is the first to tell Brian when he is making a mistake. Trying to be with two girls at once? Definitely a mistake.

  2. Brian’s Tribute Tattoo

    The story of Brian’s brother’s murder was heartbreaking. Now he will have a reminder of his brother right by his heart forever.

  3. Beth’s Train Wreck Date

    On what planet can girls not get to-go boxes? This guy needs a reality check.

  4. Andreya and Kerryn’s Blow Out

    That was… intense.

  5. Kerryn and Brian’s “Talk”

    Sometimes you gotta face the music…

  6. Brian’s Apology

    Sometimes boys need a little direction.

  7. Beth Throwin’ Shade at Kenny

    Bye, Felicia.

  8. Brian and Andreya’s Reconciliation

    It’s about time!

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