Brad Paisley’s Anti-Ritual Ritual

Why He Does What He Does Before Shows

“My ritual is that I don’t (have a ritual),” Brad Paisley admitted on the Today show recently.

And here’s why. He claims that he has no pre-show ritual because if he gets too ready, it can lead to overthinking things. And also because he’s had a lot of practice.

“After a couple hundred shows a year for a while, it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, great. We know how to do this,’” he said. “The rest of the day, I’m lost.”

Paisley also talked about the thinking behind his current string of free shows on college campuses, which kicked off on Sept. 6 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

“If you go to these college kids now, and just go blast them with music, they may stay with you the rest of your life,” Paisley said.

The remaining college shows will take place this weekend (September 10 – 12), with shows at University of Texas at Austin, Baylor University, and University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

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