Dating Gainesville Style

What We've Learned from the Cast's Adventures in Love

We’re only halfway through the first season of Gainesville, but the crew already feels like family to us. We’ve seen them go through so many ups and downs, mostly involving dating. Gainesville is a beautiful backdrop for some serious Nicholas Sparks-esque dates, but as we’ve seen, they don’t always turn out as planned.

Here’s what we’ve learned about dating in Gainesville…

  1. The sky treetop is the limit.

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    Brian knows how to mix business with pleasure. He brought ex-girlfriend Andreya with him to cut down trees at her mom’s house, hoping to woo her with his climbin’ skills.

  2. A little rain on your parade is okay.

    Beth and Kenny may have gotten in a little tiff at the Homecoming tailgate, but they made up at the parade over chatter about their future children (aggresive?). The parade may have gotten rained out, but “Benny” found shelter and had an adorable convo about protecting each other’s feelings.

  3. Enjoy the scenery.

    Brian found “his own little slice of heaven” on the water with Kerryn. This was the first time we saw that spark between those two, but it fueled up to fire verrrry quickly in the following episodes.

  4. It’s okay to be picky.

    Beth thought she was picking a BIG winner with Tyler, but he turned out to a big jerk instead. When a guy tells you you can’t get a to-go box because you’re a girl, and then shows you his modeling pics, it’s time to say “NEXT!”.

  5. Rebound quickly.

    After her disastrous date with Tyler, Beth needed a nice sweet guy who wouldn’t try to tell her what she can eat or blind her with muscle-y pics. Her batting cage date with Andrew was SO cute, but she quickly realized there was no future there because he’s moving out of town.

  6. Kiss a few frogs, you might find a prince.

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    NEXT WEEK SNEAK: Andreya might be giving Brian another chance to prove himself, but that won’t stop her from going on awesome frog hunting date! This is about the cutest, strangest, most southern thing we’ve ever seen.

  7. Sometimes it’s okay to just “hang” out.

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    NEXT WEEK SNEAK: Brian may have pumped the breaks with Kerryn to win back Andreya, but she doesn’t let anything get her down. She quickly found a long-haired replacement who shares her love of the great outdoors.

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