Jason Aldean: How He Stands Out

And What Aggravates Him the Most

Jason Aldean was blessed with the gift of a distinctive voice. When he starts singing, you know right away, “This is a Jason Aldean song.”

That’s a rare thing, so it’s one of the ways he stands out on country radio. And as he explained to the Washington Post, that’s exactly what you need to get to the next level.

And even more so if you’re a woman.

“I feel like a lot of times female singers, to me, when they’re singing — and I’ll probably kick myself for saying this — a lot of times, it just seems like I can’t distinguish one from the other sometimes if I just listen to them, you know? A lot of times they just sound really similar to me. And then you have some that come out like a Carrie (Underwood) or Miranda (Lambert) or somebody like that, that really has a different, distinctive sound to their voice, then it’s like, oh, OK, you can tell them apart all of a sudden,” he said. “They go on to be obviously big stars, but I think it’s because you can distinguish between them.”

But really, woman or man, Aldean knows it’s hard for artists to break through.

“Listening to country radio, you always have these labels that are putting out new acts and it’s like, you already don’t know who this person is. So what is going to make you remember them? It’s just a different experience these days in music. And I would honestly hate to be a new artist these days,” Aldean admitted, “because it’s just tough.”

Having a song that is distinctive helps, too. He told the newspaper that he does have songs that fit the bro-country mold, but he’s also got songs that are nothing like that. And it sounds like he wishes people were more aware of that balance.

“And I think for me, that’s more the aggravation of, like, don’t try to come in here and tear us down for something when you really haven’t taken the time to listen to the rest of our songs,” he said.