Thomas Rhett Takes Luke Bryan’s Advice

Rhett’s New Album, Tangled Up, Arrives Friday

“I’ve called every advisor and idol that I know,” Thomas Rhett tells CMT Hot 20 Countdown after putting the final touches on his new album, Tangled Up, which will be released Friday (Sept. 25).

It’s not that he’s unsure of himself. However, who wouldn’t be nervous when they’re on the brink of unveiling new music? So he made calls to some trusted friends, including Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan.

“I was actually talking to Luke on the phone the other day,” Rhett explained. “And Luke was like, ‘Man, did you have a good time in the studio recording it? … Did you have a good time playing them live? … Do most people love it?’”

After Rhett answered yes to all of the questions, Bryan put things into perspective.

“Well, then, what are you worried about!?” Bryan told him.

“I was just most pumped that I had such a blast making an album,” Rhett continued. “We just went in there and did really whatever we wanted to do.”

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Rhett says a strong melody is usually the key to a successful song.

“As much as we talked about … my generation living in a somewhat of a playlist kind of a lifestyle, it’s also very melodic,” he said of his new album. “I think when anyone has a melody that’s not complicated, people really thrive on that. Some of the other songs on the record that no one’s heard yet, they’re just very melodic. They’re easy to sing along to. They’re fun to sing along to.”

He has a simple goal for his music.

“I make music is to put a smile on somebody’s face,” he said. “So if I can do that with my music, then I think we’re winning.”

He’ll be taking his new music on the road this fall during CMT on Tour: Brett Eldredge & Thomas Rhett — Suits & Boots.

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