Party Down South: Behind the Scenes of Sagin’ Cajuns

I'm a Pony! I'm a Pony!

On the latest episode of Party Down South Hurricane Martha lands on the party house and boys do their best not to let it ruin their night. The next day Mattie calls a family meeting to apologize, and the housemates start airing out all their issues. Then, things get freaky when they decide to “sage” the house to rid it of negative energy.

And, Daddy’s a pony? When did this transformation happen?!

Many questions were asked, many were answered. Find out what really happened straight from the genius creator herself, SallyAnn Salsano.

Tiffany sure has a ton of beauty supplies! What’s in her makeup bag? Do you have any of your own vacation beauty-tips to share?

Probably easier to answer, “What isn’t in her bag?” She has everything your average girl has in her purse plus back-ups for most. And we’ve honestly never seen her in the mirror going, “I wish I brought my [insert any beauty product here].”

As for my best beauty tip for vacation, it’s to not worry too much about your beauty. Hit the beach, hit the pool and all the preparation just goes away so just relax and enjoy the yourself and the company you’re with.

How long did Lyle take to write the love letter to Santana? What was his writing process like?

Three of the greatest hours of my career watching that letter get written. It was a full-blown movie filled with every emotion you want from a good rom-com: laughing, crying, happiness, sadness and moral support from the closest friends.

Do you think the guys are too comfortable with the family this season, or are the girls being too hard on them? What’s your opinion on the big conversation in this episode?

That one is a matter of perspective. All the guys on set will tell you that yes, for sure the girls were over reacting. As a woman, I actually see that side of it but from the girls point of view, when you come to this house with a boyfriend, you’re carry a bunch of baggage with you whether you think so or not and all the girls but Mattie came into this house with relationship baggage that they weren’t ready to deal with. They all do by the end of the season though!

As the group sages the house, I couldn’t help but notice that giant bottle of aloe! How often do you have to replace it? Are there any other giant bottles in other places?

Do we have aloe in the house??? I’ve never seen any of these guys use it until now so no, I can’t say we’ve ever refilled it. Lots of laundry detergent and dish soap actually. We spent more than 300 dollars on dish soap in Biloxi and Murrells Inlet with all the soapy sliding they did.

Lastly, do you have any words of sage advice for the fans?

Yes. When your wife or girlfriend wants to do something ridiculous like sage the house, just go along for the ride and don’t fight it because they are probably trying to do something for a good reason. These boys fought it sooo much an it just made their girls more and more angry but once they finally embraced the girls craziness, they actually found the joke in it and had a blast.

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