Carrie Underwood on “Every Last Minute” With Isaiah

London was Her First Time Away From Her Son

The reviews are in, and it sounds like Carrie Underwood did an excellent job at the Apple Music festival in London this week.

According to The Guardian, Underwood was “emotive” and “melancholy” right when she needed to be.

Now, that could’ve been her music. Or the fact that for the first time since her son was born nearly seven months ago, he was not with her.

Before Underwood left for London, she played a CMT Instant Jam show in Atlanta, and Isaiah was with her. But she told that before she left her Nashville home, she spent a lot of her free time packing, and realizing that she’d be without her little man.

“I packed a lot, cause we’re about to go to the U.K. So I had to pack my stuff up, had to pack his stuff up — Isaiah’s stuff because he was coming with us to Atlanta. I needed every last minute with him that I could before I flew away,” she said.

Then, “Oh my gosh. This is the first time I’m gonna be gone away from him.”

There’s a country song in there somewhere.