Can Guys and Girls Party Down South Together?

A House Divided

On this season of Party Down South, the girls and and guys got into quite the throw down about the health of their friendship.

There are two sides to this argument: 1) The girls think the guys don’t spend enough quality time with them. 2) The guys think they’re being overly sensitive.

Pretty standard, right? However, it’s still unclear as to who won the argument. These competing schools of thought begs the question: Can guys and girls really be friends?

Let’s dissect their argument…

The Girls’ Perspective

Here’s how the girls see it: The boys care way more about hookin’ up with rachet girls at bars than they do about us. ?

I think the guys sometimes just don’t care what we have to say ’cause…

Would it really kill them to spend some time with us before fishin’ for marlins?

The Guys’ Perspective

Here’s how the guys see it: Sorry for partying… NOT!

Huh? How does the female mind work? The world may never know…

Self explanatory.

If we just repeat what the girls are saying, I’m certain the drama will blow over.

My mama always said…

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