Miranda Lambert Living Out Dan Seals’ Song

His 30-Year-Old Hit Becomes Her Photo Caption

For Miranda Lambert’s younger fans, this might have just sounded like she was waxing poetic on the stunning beauty of the west.

Lambert’s latest Instagram post on Thursday (Sept. 24) will take your breath away.

But it’s the caption she put underneath it that really did me in.

“Won’t you meet me in Montana, I want to see the mountains in your eyes,” she wrote, taken right from the lyrics of Dan Seals and Marie Osmond’s country duet “Meet Me in Montana.” It’s a song I always loved, but more importantly, so did country music. Even though Seals and Osmond had both had success in the soft rock world, this No. 1 song earned the pair a CMA Award for vocal duo of the year in 1986.

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