Carrie Underwood’s Son Scores Studio Time

Start ‘Em Early, Right Carrie?

Carrie Underwood got quite the assist in the studio as she worked tirelessly on her upcoming album Storyteller.

And we’re not talking about help from the world-class Nashville musicians we’re sure to hear on the project. … No, we’re talking about an assist from one very special Nashvillian: her son, Isaiah.

Her adorable baby boy spent many days at work with his mama as she recorded her new material. And apparently, he was right at home.

Oh, just playing my piano in my blazer in the yard…

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“He loves music. He’s automatically drawn to it,” Underwood recently told me before hitting the stage for her CMT Instant Jam show in Atlanta.

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And make no mistake: He knows his mama’s musical musings better than anyone.

“I came home the other night and he was asleep and Mike was actually trying to keep him awake for a little longer so he wouldn’t just take a nap and then go to bed an hour later — because that just wouldn’t happen — he wouldn’t go down for the night!” Underwood said.

“So I came in and I was just kind of humming around in the kitchen making dinner and he immediately popped up and was like, ‘Mom’s home! That’s her voice! I know it! She’s singing!’ So yeah, he loves music.”

So does that mean we’ll actually hear Isaiah on some of the tracks?

Isaiah's first band rehearsal…as you can see he & his daddy were totally into it! #naptime #earmuffs #sweetdreams

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Because I’ll be the first to admit I have this musical fantasy of Underwood in the vocal booth with her little man there, wearing his protective headphones, smiling that grin of “That’s my mama!” A fun wish, but Underwood says the reality of it was “Not quite like that … but he’s there. He’s on the other side of the glass.” So he gets producer credits then? I’m just saying!

Look for Underwood’s Storytellers on Oct. 23.

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