How Much Did Keith Urban Earn Busking?

Would You Have Put a Dollar in His Case?

Anytime I see a musician busking for money on a street corner, I always throw a few bucks into his or her guitar case. I’m not big on free hand-outs in general, but I do like to see someone sharing their gift and earning some money while they’re at it.

But if I saw Keith Urban doing it? That’s a different story.

Because he obviously doesn’t need the money. So if I’d seen him playing and singing on a street corner in downtown Denver on Sunday (Sept. 27), while he was there for American Idol auditions, it’s not like I would’ve thrown a $20 into his case so that he could buy his wife and two girls a nice dinner. Would you have?

Urban posted a photo of just such a situation on social media.

It’s hard to tell from the photo if there is actually any money in his acoustic guitar case. It looks like there’s a sign. Maybe it said, “Please just enjoy the music and don’t give me any actual cash because I’m Keith Urban and I already make a really nice living at this.”