The “Full Circle Moment” of a Taylor Swift Invite

Kelsea Ballerini Moves From Fan to Friend

I wanted to give Kelsea Ballerini some time.

Some time to think about what just happened.

So instead of just reporting that she’d joined Taylor Swift onstage in Nashville on Sept. 25 for a duet on her “Love Me Like You Mean It,” a song Swift had previously supported like crazy, I waited to see how the whole thing felt post-post-show.

And Ballerini’s latest Facebook post? So worth the wait. It is kind of an open (and heartfelt and sweet and full of gratitute) letter to Swift.

“Last night the most special, memorable, full circle moment of my life happened. Taylor Swift I have watched every single tour of yours at the Bridgestone Arena since I moved to Nashville. Thank you for being generous enough to give me that first. I will always be one of your biggest fans,” Ballerini wrote.

Now, though, she’s more than just a fan. She’s like a friend, or a sister. Maybe a sister-friend.

The night of the Nashville show, Swift had tweeted this:

And Ballerini tweeted back:

When this debut single of Ballerini’s first hit radio stations, she was beyond thrilled to hear that Swift had tweeted about it. “Driving around with the @KelseaBallerini EP on repeat.. SO lovely:) #yeahboy #lovemelikeyoumeanit,” Swift had said.