“Pieces” of Chris Carmack

The Star of ABC’s Nashville Announces New EP

Sure, he sings like a pro on the hit ABC show Nashville, but who knew actor Chris Carmack was such an artist off the set, too?

Jazz, blues, country, rock, soul — the man can sing and play it all. And now, we’re getting a chance to hear this musical diversity firsthand with his new EP Pieces of You, which drops this December.

Though the greater world knows him for television roles like hot country star “Will Lexington” on Nashville and “Luke Ward” on The O.C., the Washington, D.C., native says he was a musician first.

“Music came first, before the acting,” he reveals.

Long before, apparently. As a child, Carmack played saxophone and was a member of the jazz band in high school. It was also around this time in Carmack’s life that he discovered theatre, which took to him NYU, Los Angeles, and even London after graduation.

But through it all music remained a constant in his life, and it’s still a great comfort to him in many ways.

“I find that when I write songs, oftentimes it’s therapeutic,” he says. “It’s an exploration of myself and either what I’m going through or what someone close to me is going through.”

Spoken like a true songwriter — which is a fair statement. Carmack wrote each of the five tracks on his EP by himself.

The title track, “Pieces of You,” is now available for download.

Tomorrow night, Carmack is back on the small screen in an all-new episode of Nashville on ABC.

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