Hunter Hayes Fans Pulled Over, Issued Tickets

Police Officer Was In on the "Traffic Stop"

When you ask the cops to be part of a prank, and they say yes, you know it’s going to turn out to be your best one yet.

So when a busload of unsuspecting Hunter Hayes fans was pulled over by Tom Anderson, who works for the Panama City Police Department, that’s exactly what happened.

These fans were recently on their way to see Hayes at the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam when Anderson put his sirens and lights on, and forced the shuttle to pull over to the side of the road. He approached the bus, and the driver got out. And then, Hayes got on.

“We’re not getting a ticket of any kind,” Hayes said over the bus’ speaker system. “We are upgrading every single one of you.”

If these fans were originally holding the most basic general admission passes — which sold for about $200 for a three-day pass — and Hayes’ upgrade included a pit pass worth about $400 or a side stage pass worth about $1,000, that would have to make this the most valuable prank ever.

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