Zac Brown Could Be a Motivational Speaker

Singer Gives Locker Room Pep Talk

“You ready for this, J.J.? Huh? I said, Are you ready for this,” Zac Brown asks J.J. Watt, the All-Pro defensive end for the NFL’s Houston Texans.

It’s really just a commercial for Bose wireless speakers, and I guess how the quality is so good that it would feel like the singer is right there with you, but it also shows that Brown’s got a sense of humor.

I mean, how else would you explain his ability to yell at the professional athlete who does swings with 100-pound kettlebells on his easy workout days?

“This is game day, son,” Brown yells in Watt’s face, right before he starts squirting water all over him, like a proper locker-room badass. “Now, I’m gonna ask you one more time. Are we gonna do this or what?”

Watt told USA Today that he is “no good with vocals,” but that he loves country music. Especially Brown’s.

’Homegrown’ is currently my favorite song. It really hits home with me, especially when I’m back home in Wisconsin and I get to sit around a campfire with my friends and family,” Watt revealed. “That song really kind of brings it home for me.”

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